In this current globalized world, where tax authorities around the world are connected, the challenges for companies and private clients in relation to tax matters have changed significantly. Understanding what is happening in the world to anticipate tax trends in Brazil and Latin America is essential for business survival. Utumi Advogados analyses each matter with a 360º view within the best possible timing, not only considering Brazilian case law, current legislation and trends, but also international perspectives and what is being analyzed and put into practice in other countries.

Strategic tax consulting on a wide range of business and personal tax issues, involving direct and indirect tax, sector and industry taxation (financial and capital markets, telecommunications, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, chemical, retail, etc.), international taxation, among others.

Legal opinion related to tax matters and risk assessments to support decision-making that can significantly impact businesses, administrative or judicial defenses, deciding on accounting provisions or not, prospects for success of active or passive claims, etc.

Technical advice in strategic tax discussions with federal, state and municipal authorities and governments, business associations, multilateral agencies, etc.

Advice and representation in tax litigation at federal, state and municipal levels, both in the administrative and judicial spheres.

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